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NAX Capital Welcomes Former Chairman and CEO of GE Capital as Managing Partner

Rich Laxer to lead multi-asset investment firm, driving sustainable growth for its partners.

LONDON, May 23, 2023: NAX Capital, a multi-asset investment firm, today announces the appointment of Rich Laxer as Chairman and Managing Partner. Laxer, former Chairman and CEO of GE Capital, brings extensive experience driving the growth and expansion of a diverse portfolio of global financial services businesses. His leadership will be instrumental in advancing NAX Capital's mission to provide strategic access to capital for NAX’s businesses and products, with a focus on driving positive change in the world through impact-oriented investing.

During his more than 30 year tenure at GE Capital, Laxer oversaw over $100 billion in M&A transactions and managed assets exceeding $150 billion. He has a proven ability to restructure, integrate, and lead large businesses, delivering on financial targets and ensuring profitable growth in challenging markets. With over 20 years of board service, and five years focused on early-stage investments, he has contributed to the success of many emerging companies. Now Joining the NAX Capital board, Laxer's wealth of experience will be instrumental in supporting the company's growth.

"We are very excited to welcome Rich to the NAX family," said Jeff Schumacher, Founder and CEO of NAX Group. “With Rich’s decades of experience, combined with NAX Group’s AI software platform and focus on commercializing ESG, NAX Capital is positioned to unlock opportunities that yield not only financial gains, but that also contribute to a more sustainable future," added Schumacher.

Laxer will be joined by a seasoned board of directors, including Jeff Schumacher, the visionary Founder and CEO of NAX Group, who brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. In addition, Robert Forsythe, Co-founder, board member, and Managing Partner of Third Lake Partners, and CEO of TL Capital, who brings a deep understanding of direct private equity and venture capital. This accomplished team will drive the success of NAX Capital, positioning the company for success in driving sustainable growth and investment opportunities for its partners.

"I am thrilled to work alongside Jeff and Robert to build NAX Capital," said Laxer. "With over 30 years of experience in financial services, I am truly excited to leverage cutting-edge technology to redefine the finance landscape and advance the triple bottom line of people, profit, and planet," said Laxer.

To learn more about NAX Capital, please visit nax.capital.

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